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Sovereignty preceedes title; sovereignty is justice; sovereignty enforces treaties

What can I complain about? You can complain about violations of rights protected by the treaty under which you are complaining (ICCPR, ICERD, CEDAW and CAT: see blue box). Under these treaties, you can complain for example about violations of your right to life; arbitrary arrest and detention; torture; prison conditions; unfair trial; arbitrary interference with your family, privacy or home; failure to protect the family or children; violations of your freedom of thought, religion or expression; violations of your right to peaceful assembly and freedom of association; violations of the right of minorities to enjoy their culture; discrimination based on race, sex and other grounds. Please read the full texts of treaties for an exhaustive picture of the protected rights (accessible on OHCHR website). Are there human rights issues which are not covered by the treaty body complaints procedures? The treaty body complaints procedures do not apply to the protection of rights which are not covered by the treaty under which you complain. For example, the right to adequate housing, the right to - and amount of - social benefits and pensions, and the right to property are not issues which can currently be examined by any treaty body, unless they involve violations of other rights such as the right to be free from discrimination. 

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