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‚ÄčTo Protect Mother Earth

Legitimate government

Witness to the Cold War 

Our philospphy

INDIGENOUS PEOPLES sovereignty is justice and is the foundation for survival of of all legitimate nations that aspire to peace and inherent self-governence. Enforcing international treaties, agreements and constructive arrangements are the just methods in an age of WMD's. State perpetrators of violations of Internation Humanitarian Law should not benefit from their crimes. 

INDIGENOUS PEOPLE'S are deliberately targeted by global testing of WMD's and the proliferation of nuclear technology creates a more dangerous threat to life on the planet. Our experience as victims of the cold war is that it was a RADIOACTIVE HOT WAR with radiation spread across the Grear Basin and beyond; spread across Bikini Atoll and beyond; spread across Kazakhstan and beyond; spread Novaya Zemlya and beyond; Moruroa, Mururura South Pacific and Beyond; spread across Maralinga, Australia and beyond.

Environmental Health

INDIGENOUS PEOPLE did not get sovereignty from the US that it didn't already have. Creator, gave instructions for "the way that it is" to live in harmony and balance with Mother Earth. Indigenous people, with inherent rights assert sovereign "de Jure" governance and jurisdiction over Indian country.

INDIGENOUS PEOPLE are very good at looking into the future and even better looking into the past to inform our future. We call that vision. We work with partners to support visioning through traditional Native American ceremony and tribal community involvement. All we had to know about Mother Earth, we learned as children is the only way to protect Mother Earth and survive.


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